会長顔写真Japan is blessed with a wide variety of seasonal foods year-round, and by skillfully assimilating aspects of different food cultures around the world throughout the course of the country's long history and traditions, the Japanese have cultivated a rich, diverse food culture. Japan's food culture encompasses not only its ingredients and cooking techniques but also its tableware and furnishings , its architecture, and the spirituality and aesthetic sense epitomized by the art of flower arrangement and the tea ceremony. As such, the food culture reflects Japan's overall culture. Consequently, Japan's food culture is a superb intellectual asset of which our nation should be proud, and it is important for us to disseminate it to the world in an effort to help it penetrate abroad and to further enhance its cultural and economic value.
Nowadays, while Japanese food continues to evolve day by day, its healthiness and great taste have triggered a surge in its popularity worldwide, and Japanese restaurants are cropping up in all parts of the world. And since Japanese restaurants abroad provide a place and occasion for people outside Japan to encounter and share in Japan's food culture in a variety of forms, the restaurants serve as “showrooms,” so to speak, for communicating Japanese food and culture to the world. Given that food culture is the most fundamental culture of all for human beings, we believe that if people everywhere around the world come into contact with Japan's food culture and share a common food experience, this will go a long way toward promoting understanding of Japan .
The Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad (JRO) will work to accelerate and promote the proper dissemination of Japan's food culture to the world. By surppot Japanese restaurants, it aims to increase those restaurants' reliability and further the international expansion of Japan's food culture, thereby contributing to the enrichment of food cultures worldwide. I ask for your kind support and cooperation in this endeavor.

Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad (JRO)
Chairman, Yuzaburo Mogi

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